Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Should ALVEO be taken daily, and if so, why?
A: ALVEO is designed to be used daily. It is completely safe, and without adverse side effects. For adults who are healthy and weigh 165 lbs or less, one ounce daily is recommended. If your weight is above 165 lbs, and/or you have health concerns, you may take two to four ounces throughout the day. Children may take from 1 ounce up to one ounce daily depending on their age and body weight. ALVEO was developed to be consumed from infancy through to senior years.
Q: Will ALVEO interfere with any medications I may be taking?
A: ALVEO will not adversely affect any other prescriptions. ALVEO assists in removing toxins from the system, which will be beneficial if you are taking prescriptions. It is recommended to consult with a family doctor anytime you begin to take any supplements or medications.
Q: How soon will I notice any changes or benefits?
A: Everyone's body is different, so each person's results will vary. Typically, one third of individuals will notice an improved sense of well-being within three weeks. Another third of people will notice an effect within four to eight weeks and the remainder will feel beneficial effects in eight to twelve weeks. It is recommended to use ALVEO for a trial period of three months at minimum before deciding whether it is of any benefit to you.
Q: What is the expected shelf life of ALVEO?
A: ALVEO is packaged in a high-quality, recyclable glass container. After opening, refrigeration is necessary to maintain optimal flavor and ALVEO will keep its freshness for a period of up to approximately 30-45 days. If left unopened, the product has a shelf life of between 12 to 24 months, depending on the particular country regulations. Each bottle of ALVEO has printed dates of production and of expiration.
Q: Why is ALVEO packaged in a glass container?
A: Glass packaging prevents the gas exchange problem experienced with plastic containers. The last drop of ALVEO will be as fresh tasting and pure as the first. Glass packaging also ensures a maximum shelf life and is recyclable. AKUNA'S primary goal is to offer the world a superior and unique herbal food supplement. We have taken the most exacting steps to maintain the purity of our product-right down to the glass bottle.
Q: More Questions?
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What the experts say about ALVEO:

?Alveo represents a unique combination of ingredients that are in complete harmony and balance with each other. One can readily see the outstanding qualities of this superior product when one considers the combined mutual benefits, as well as the broad spectrum of specific individual effects yielded from each component, all working towards the protection and support of the entire human body.? Dr. J. Kovacova, Internist ?Today, people don?t have good dietary habits; they eat a lot of fast food that not only lacks proper nutritional value but may cause many digestive problems. As a digestive tonic, Alveo has a unique ability to have beneficial effects on the digestive system.?
Dr. O. Kosta, Family Physician ?I am a strong believer in preventive medicine. I also believe that everyone should take responsibility for his/her health and try as much as possible to stop disease from developing. Alveo is an ideal herbal product as for instance in the prevention of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.?
Dr. J. Bertlik, Naturopath

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