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MWG International Group

MWG International Group (MWG Network) started in May 2005 in San Francisco, California. It is an independent group of partners who are consultants, distributors and marketers of AKUNA products around the world.


It started with a very good idea and eventually turned into an international organization built on the principles of fostering health and success. Every good idea needs nourishment and vision. The AKUNA idea was born in Canada and nourished in Europe.
It began in 1999 in Canada as AKUNA Health Products Incorporated. A year later its sister company AKUNA Czech Republic was born. In this old European country AKUNA's flagship product came to fruition as ALVEO. Response to ALVEO was so positive and demand so high that AKUNA opened up a market in Poland.
In it's beginnings in Poland, ALVEO (the flagship product) won awards for being one of the best natural medicinal supplements on the market.
In addition, AKUNA kept busy by eventually opening up markets in both Canada and the United States, meanwhile continuing to expand its European branches by adding Slovakia to its roster of successful off springs. Within AKUNA's first eight months of operation, it had expanded to three different countries (USA, Slovakia, Poland).
Fast becoming world recognized, AKUNA has just expanded to Bulgaria. In addition to offices in ten countries around the globe, AKUNA Canada has relocated to a new, larger and more productive facility in Mississauga, Ontario.

AKUNA's Mission

AKUNA was founded with the goal of improving the quality of people's health through the development and distribution of scientifically advanced nutritional products on a global scale. Since its inception it has done this, while setting the highest industry standards in the marketing and sales of its products.
The AKUNA Health & Success mission is to Foster, Enrich and Innovate:
* Foster the long-term health and well-being of people from all walks of life
* Enrich people's lives with opportunity, success and the power to create their own fates
* Innovate in the field of natural nutritional products, and its business practices
AKUNA is in the business of creating a unique product with the highest standards. All production, beginning from the concept through to the research and development stages, to the final manufacturing and distribution process is done with great attention to detail and the need to foster, enrich and innovate. This means our products consist of 100% all natural, high grade botanical ingredients which are used in heretofore unprecedented qualities and combinations.

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